Marketers must pay regard to social media campaign criteria

Marketers need to be aware of the different policies of the four main social media platforms regarding hosting campaigns, warns the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube all have different requirements regarding the hosting of marketing promotions, games and apps and the platforms have the right to exclude campaigns for not meeting their criteria.

The DMA is launching a new free service for its members, the Social Media Helpdesk, to help with assessing these criteria.

DMA head of legal and compliance services Richard Evans says that the DMA Social Media Helpdesk will help marketers avoid making costly mistakes.

He says: “Marketers need to do their homework on these conditions and restrictions, or else they run the real risk of producing work that platforms refuse to host. We’re aware of a number of companies that have been left out of pocket because of their ignorance of platforms’ marketing policies. Our helpdesk can help marketers avoid rushing into creating a social media campaign that falls at the last hurdle.”

UK companies spent £132m on social media marketing during 2010, 14 % of total expenditure on online display marketing, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau data from March this year.



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