Watch: How to navigate an economic downturn

As the coronavirus pandemic forces countries into lockdown, three experts take a look at the impact on the economy and marketing.

The lockdowns that governments in the UK and around the world have implemented due to the Covid-19 pandemic are having a major economic impact, alongside the health and societal impacts.

The latest predictions from the Office for Budget Responsibilities warn the UK could be heading for a 35% decline in GDP and 2 million unemployed in the second quarter. Consumer confidence, meanwhile, has plummeted to levels not seen since the last recession.

How, then, should marketers navigate these difficult economic waters? As part of The Lowdown – a series of regular updates on tackling the challenges of the coronavirus crisis – Marketing Week editor Russell Parsons speaks to economist Grace Kite, marketing effectiveness expert Peter Field and Joe Staton, an expert on consumer confidence in his role as client strategy director at GfK UK.

You can listen to the discussion above. And find out about future sessions from The Lowdown here.

the lowdown on coronavirus and marketing