Marketers on the hunt for new jobs

The number of candidates seeking marketing jobs in London is up by 39% year on year according to the Robert Walters City Jobs Index despite the fact that marketers’ confidence in the industry is suffering.

Research from the global recruitment company, which tracks the number of jobs available and candidates seeking jobs in London, also revealed that despite the increase in candidates, the number of advertised roles is still higher than the number of jobseekers, with 1.6 roles per applicant.

The volume of marketing vacancies was up by 42% year on year, at a two year high for the second month in a row.

Ben Stevenson, associate director of marketing at Robert Walters said: “Since the start of 2015 we have seen the number of available positions in the City increase, driven by steady economic growth. Now, candidates are beginning to share this confidence as well, and are prepared to give up the security of staying in a role in favour of looking into new opportunities.

“This confident atmosphere has lead to particular demand for marketing professionals. Employers recognise that the favourable economic outlook is presenting valuable opportunities to secure new business, creating significant demand for skilled sales and marketing employees.”

Meanwhile, the latest Bellwether Report, released last week, showed that marketers’ confidence in the financial prospects of their own companies and the wider industry have dropped despite growth in marketing spend.

Marketers’ optimism towards their own financial prospects dropped with just 25.3% feeling confident about the future, down from 37.8% since the last survey and the lowest point in nine quarters.

Their confidence towards the wider industry also dropped to a two year low of 13.1%, down from 26% last quarter.

However, Stevenson said that the expansion of sales and marketing teams shows that firms are “predicting strong growth in the immediate future”, with a shift towards an increased number of digital roles focused on social media, digital content, mobile engagement and online acquisition.