More than half of marketers want to quit their job

With 56.9% of marketers contemplating moving jobs this year, demand for higher wages, the ability to learn new skills and the prospect of fresh challenges are key motivations.

Career & Salary Survey 2022More than half (56.9%) of marketers are either ready for a change of job or currently considering it, according to Marketing Week’s 2022 Career and Salary Survey.

This figure is in addition to the more than a quarter of marketers (27.9%) who have changed roles in the past 12 months, up on the 25.8% who took on a new job last year.

The exclusive survey finds 27.9% left their role to learn new skills, while 27.2% were looking for a change of direction and 19.8% said the pandemic had made them rethink their priorities.

A further 18% said they had been attracted by their new business’s culture, while 14.2% were in search of a company that aligned with their personal views. Some 12.8% said the change of role had been brought about by redundancy, while 10.5% have switched jobs over the past year in search of flexible working.

While marketers have been making career moves over the past 12 months, many more are open to exploring a new role in 2022.

Career & Salary Survey 2022The survey of 4,463 marketers reveals the number one reason for considering a change of role in 2022 is better financial remuneration (64.5%), while 53.8% are in search of a new challenge and 45.6% believe there are limited opportunities at their current company.

A third of the marketers surveyed (33.3%) are on the lookout for a better workplace culture, while 31.9% would move in search of a promotion. A further 28.5% are looking for a role that will broaden their experience or provide them with a sideways move, with a fifth (20.7%) looking for increased responsibility.

The chance to work in a ‘better’ industry or sector (19.8%), the search for flexible working (15.6%) and a change of location (11.8%) were other reasons marketers cited as reasons to change role in 2022.

According to the analysis, the entertainment sector is the most popular sector for marketers to consider moving into (24.5%), followed by FMCG (23.7%), an agency/consultancy (22.9%), a role in retail, wholesale or ecommerce (22.8%) or at a charity/not-for-profit (21.2%).

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