Marketers want to go back to school

Marketers are regularly criticised for not knowing enough about social media. New online marketing techniques are becoming de rigour before businesses have a chance to become experts. But more than half of marketers are keen to keep up-to-date and be specifically trained in the art of social media, according to our own Marketing Week attitudes research.

Jo Roberts
Jo Roberts

However, less than a quarter are actually receiving training in this area. Many respondents to our survey complained that there was a lack of provision for specialist web courses. While the general management course they are being sent on in their droves are actually of little use.

Our research shows that budgets for training are being cut by 60% of companies, but if they’re finding funds for pointless courses there still must be room to educate marketers in the areas that they need most help.

One respondent to our survey appeared strangely happy that there is less training about. And believes if people need training then they should have a job. “There is no need to train. People are grateful to have a job. Fire them if they’re not up to it”

Most of our respondents don’t appear to have this attitude and are keen to bone up on the latest social media techniques as well as brand management and people skills.

But what our research is clear on is those that want training crave better courses and “less money wasted on charlatan courses from rubbish trainers,” says one disgruntled respondent. If money is so tight then why are businesses so willing to throw money at pointless training?

There’s clearly a budget for training if marketers are being sent on irrelevant management courses, so why not divert funds to courses that are of use to marketers, and the business they work in?



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