Marketers’ working hours increasing more than other professions

The number of hours worked by marketers every week has increased more than any other profession in the last two years, according to a career survey.

Marketers’ working hours have increased more than any other profession.

The Career Lifestyle Survey by recruiter Robert Walters found 39 per cent of marketers now work a 50+ hour week – the joint highest alongside sales professionals. This is an increase from 24 per cent two years ago and compares with 28 per cent across the UK.

Marketers also move jobs more often than any other profession, according to the survey, which Tim Gilbert, director of marketing recruitment at Robert Walters, says provides varied experience that organisations value.

The report found 57 per cent of marketers believe they need to change roles at least every three years to progress their career. This is more than the 42 per cent national average.

Marketers are followed by HR professionals (52 per cent) IT specialists and lawyers (both at 49 per cent) and sales people (33 per cent).

More than two thirds (67 per cent) of marketers claim they are more motivated by having an interesting job than by salary or bonus, above the 52 per cent national average.

Only 36 per cent of marketers say pay and benefits are “very important” to job satisfaction – below the national average of 42 per cent.

Robert Walters surveyed 1,420 professionals across a variety of disciplines. Of them, 252 were marketers.


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