The Marketing Academy Foundation raises £18,000 from classic ad remakes

Recreations of iconic ads for Heineken, Oxo and Cadbury were among the winners in a challenge that raised £18,000 for The Marketing Academy Foundation.

The Marketing Academy Foundation has raised £18,000 after high-profile figures in the marketing community recreated classic ads from the past 40 years to help fund its apprenticeship scheme for young people from challenging backgrounds.

Industry figures such as The Marketing Academy CEO Sherilyn Shackell, former Marketing Society CEO Gemma Greaves and Hearst’s chief commercial officer Jane Wolfson recreated iconic ads from brands including Oxo, Heineken and Boddingtons to raise money for the charity.

MBA CEO Stephen Maher’s remake of Cadbury’s ‘Eyebrows’ ad was voted the best by a jury that included Harbour’s creative partner Mick Mahoney, Beehive founder Martin Galton and Shell Brand International CEO Dean Aragon.

Elsewhere, Greaves’ recreation of Heineken’s ‘The Water in Majorca’ ad was named The People’s Choice, garnering most likes from those that donated. Consultant Nick Ford raised the most funds for his rendition of the ‘Diet Coke Break’ ad.

The Marketing Academy CEO Daryl Fielding says: “This was a welcome bit of fun this summer for those that took part and those that donated. Just the daftness I needed to lift my spirits in these difficult times when all our usual means of fundraising had been curtailed.

“The £18,000 raised gave the charity forward momentum into 2021 when we know how tough the job market is going to be and how much harder it will be for those from challenging background. I want to thank all the fundraisers who made idiots of themselves and every one of the 400 people who have put their hand into their pockets to help.”

The The Marketing Academy Foundation TVC Awards was the brainchild of Foundation trustees Emma Harris and Scott Morrison, who also entered their own ads (see below for Morrison’s recreation of ‘milk’). Fundraising efforts were led by Hai Bei Chen.

The Marketing Academy Foundation offers young people from challenging backgrounds the opportunity to start careers in marketing by offering people year-long apprenticeships working in a variety of global brands. To-date, the charity has helped more than 20 individuals receive training and education.

Gemma Greaves: Heineken: ‘The water in Majorca’

Sherilyn Shackell: The Oxo Family

Scott Morrison: ‘Milk’



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