Marketing chiefs ‘locked in battle with IT over Internet’

Marketing directors are in conflict with their IT directors over who controls Internet strategy within their businesses, according to a survey published this week.

A total of 45 per cent of all IT directors have control of Internet strategy, but 29 per cent of marketing directors believe they should have control of the Internet, according to the research by the Sun-Netscape Alliance, a joint venture between Sun Microsystems and America Online (AOL).

Thirty-one per cent of the respondents say that ownership of Internet strategy has caused disagree- ments within the management team, while 44 per cent of marketing directors believe the Net has the potential to enhance their professional status within the organisation.

A total of 66 per cent of the UK’s board directors feel they lack the necessary skills to exploit the potential of the Internet as a competitive weapon.

Forty per cent of those questioned feel the managing director and the board do not fully appreciate the Net’s potential impact.

Some 300 IT, marketing and commercial directors in the finance, telecoms and retail sectors were interviewed for the survey, Survive or Thrive: The Net Economy.

Sun/Netscape Alliance director Guy Norgrove says: “UK companies have got to open their eyes to the fact the Net economy is here.

“It’s not just about new technology, it’s an entirely new way of conducting business.

“Businesses can either embrace the Net economy, or risk failure – it’s as simple as that.”


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