Marketing department of 60 goes in HBOS merger move

Bank of Scotland is closing its retail marketing operation in Dunfermline, and is offering to relocate all 60 marketers working in the department.

The decision comes on the back of BoS’ merger with Halifax to create HBOS, which has led to all retail marketing operations across both brands being centralised at Halifax.

The bank wants to relocate the department to Halifax, Chester or Edinburgh but has offered voluntary redundancy to any employees who do not want to make the move.

A spokeswoman for HBOS says staff are being offered the chance to stay in HBOS’ retail marketing, but have also been offered work at Intelligent Finance, HBOS’ Edinburgh-based Internet bank.

Senior retail marketers will not be affected by the move. Philip Hanson, HBOS retail marketing director, works in Halifax while Steve Griffiths, head of external sales, works in Chester.

The spokeswoman says: “There is a great deal of choice for employees. It’s fair to say people are excited about it, but it is a little unsettling.”

HBOS is expected to make further decisions about how middle marketers will be accommodated within the company in the next fortnight.

Last month HBOS announced four new retail marketing areas – external sales, direct marketing, customer insight and customer relationship management – created after a review by Hay Management Consultancy (MW September 27).



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