Marketing idol: where he is now

I was concerned that despite appearing in your top marketers list (for which thanks to 22 per cent of my peers), I am listed as “position unknown” (MW last week). For the record, not to mention any potential clients, I have established a sales marketing consultancy that specialises in improving commercial effectiveness and cost efficiency.

John Sanders

Managing partner




Tanks for the memory, Sean…

Marketing Week

Oh dear – Sean Brierley at 38 is clearly too young for nostalgia (MW January 22). In predicting sea monkeys as a future retro product, he is missing out on the fact that one of the reasons they’re selling now is that old fogeys like me are buying them for our children (and ourselves) because […]

Net will seriously damage brands

Marketing Week

Ridiculous as this may sound, do companies actually look to find themselves? Do they know where they are? No I’m not talking about new-age spiritualism, I’m talking about online brand visibility. Looking through Marketing Week, I don’t see many brands discussing integration of online and offline campaigns. Some times the news stories say of brands […]


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