Marketing manager is the best job in the UK, according to new study

Good news marketers… you’re in the right industry as marketing manager has been crowned the best job in the UK, according to a new list compiled by jobs website Glassdoor.

Marketers job interview
There’s plenty of job opportunities for potential marketing managers, according to the study

Marketing manager tops 25 other roles on the list, with each job ranked by earning potential, the number of job openings and a career opportunity ranking.

In the three months to the end of January there were 2,965 openings for marketing managers with the role securing a career opportunities rating of 3.6.

Although the average base salary is £46,561 – way below 14th placed solutions architect, which has the highest average salary at £66,349 – the role still achieved the highest overall score of 4.5.

Professional services (8) and Tech (7) are the two industries with the most jobs represented on the list, while marketing manager edged out finance manager (2) and mechanical engineer (3) to take the crown.


“While marketing managers don’t earn the highest salaries of jobs in our list, they have the second highest career opportunities rating,” said a Glassdoor spokesman.

“Marketing managers are in demand as the UK’s economic recovery spurs demand for people with marketing skills. Marketing manager is also a role that can work in almost any industry sector, from financial services and consumer goods, to motor and technology.”

In Marketing Week’s annual salary survey of 5,500 people across the marketing, digital, design and advertising industries, it found the average annual salary for a marketing manager to be £43,061 for men and £39,530 for women.

Marketing managers who progress to CMO can earn up to £165,000.