Marketing Week Explores: The trouble with Pornhub and the value of NPS

In the latest edition of the Marketing Week Explores podcast, we discuss the brand reputational woes for Unilever following Dollar Shave Club’s appearance on pornography site Pornhub and debate the true value of NPS.


In this edition of Marketing Week Explores, acting features editor Charlotte Rogers and senior reporter Ellen Hammett discuss the reputational damage for Unilever after its brand Dollar Shave Club was found to be advertising on pornography site Pornhub.

Admitting the direct-to-consumer brand, which Unilever bought in 2016 for $1bn, had previously enjoyed “operational independence”, Unilever has now vowed to stop its brands running adverts on porn sites.

Plus, is NPS a true measure of customer sentiment? Rogers discusses the pros and cons of using Net Promoter Score as a gauge of customer satisfaction and asks its founder Fred Reichheld why using NPS as a bonus metric is “asking for trouble”.

Join Charlotte, Ellen and host Molly Fleming for this and more on the latest edition of Marketing Week Explores.