Marketing salaries on the up but gender gap widens

The average salary of a marketing director has rocketed 14.4 per cent in real terms in the past 12 months reflecting a general upswing in pay for the profession, according to the annual Marketing Week Salary and Career Survey 2014 in assocation with Ball & Hoolahan.

The average salary of marketer rose in 2013 but more than a quarter say they are now under more pressure to deliver.

The jump in salaries for senior marketers far outstripped the 3.6 per cent increase for mid-tier marketers. Senior marketing directors bumped their pay packets from £75,345 to £86,165 on average, while marketing managers now earn £38,192, up from £36,767 last year.

Average marketing salaries rose £2,500 to £45,021 between 2012 and 2013. The increase appears to show marketing’s growing importance within businesses with the top 10 per cent of earners reporting a 3.8 per cent rise in salaries to an average of £110,634 in 2013. This figure had plummeted by 3.6 per cent to £96,997 in 2012.

Despite the positive signs, more than a quarter of marketers saw their salaries frozen last year adding they are under more pressure to perform amid the growing scope of the discipline. The average pay rise during this period was 3.7 per cent

The gender gap continues to widen with male marketers earning around £15,261 more than their female counterparts.

The online survey was conducted in October 2013 by Marketing Week and analysed by Fusion Communications. There were more than 3,000 respondents.

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