Marketing services provider adopts analytics solution

A trigger-based marketing agency is implementing a new analytics suite to increase its service provision. Customer Portfolios has signed a three-year licence for Portrait Software’s Customer Analytics application, extending an existing agreement.

Customer Portfolios has used Portrait since 2006 to support marketing activity for brands like Unicef, Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Teleflora and Subway. The analytics solution will be at the centre of the agency’s customer discovery and opportunity analysis project, which provides behaviourally-defined customer segments or portfolios for immediate marketing action.

“Companies typically come to us to discover information about their customers that enables them to drive retention and increase profitability. For some companies this has been a way of doing business for years and years. For others, the need to better understand the customer has only become a priority in today’s challenging business climate,” says Augie MacCurrach, managing partner, Customer Portfolios.

MacCurrach adds: “Traditional analytics solutions didn’t allow us to respond quickly enough to our customers. Frequently they are too complex, too slow and require certain staff skills to perform. Portrait gives our business-savvy analysts the ability to quickly and efficiently develop models in a rapid, highly interactive environment. Our CDOA project has become the on-ramp to ongoing client engagements as a result of the analytics power that PCA has put in to our marketing services.”


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