Marketing Week is changing to meet your needs

Marketing Week is evolving to meet the needs of marketers and ensure they are abreast of the latest thinking on the big strategic and leadership issues.

Describing the virtues of taking time out of the day-to-day running of a marketing department, one marketer recently channelled 80s movie character Ferris Bueller: “Life moves so fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might just miss it.”

The life of a senior marketer can be dizzying. It has also never been more exciting. Technology, data, digital disruption, economic vagaries, demand for greater accountability, media fragmentation, evolving societal demands and more discerning customers are just some of the challenges and opportunities that excite and exhaust marketing leaders.

There is so much going on that staying abreast of and getting to grips with developments is a challenge. You are time-poor but have never been hungrier for analysis of the big strategic and leadership issues. As a business leader you need time out and you need a tool to help you understand the big picture.

This is why from 2 March we will relaunch the magazine as a monthly issue.

Every month we will curate a magazine that will inspire and embolden marketing leaders by making sense of what’s happening today and how it will impact you and your brand tomorrow. Our fantastic editorial team, award-winning columnists, opinion formers and inspiring figures from the world of marketing and beyond will ask the big questions about the biggest issues in marketing.

We will also put you and your career at the centre of the magazine with regular fixtures designed to help you reach greater heights.

It is important to take time to reflect and learn, to step away from the everyday and step up in your career. Marketing Week in print will provide an essential monthly guide to everything you need to know, in one place.

Meanwhile, Marketing Week’s digital portfolio will deliver best-in-class content that reflects the consumption habits and expectations of our global readership. Through new formats, we will deliver content in innovative ways that best serve the subject as well as the channel or device you are using.

It’s exciting to be editor of Marketing Week at a time when marketers are facing so many challenges and opportunities. We look forward to being your guide.

The final weekly issue of Marketing Week will be dated 26 January.