Marketing Week to reveal secrets of advertising effectiveness in new series

In partnership with the Advertising Association and Kantar, Marketing Week will reveal the month’s most effective advertising campaign and share what marketers can learn from it. 

Marketing Week is partnering with the Advertising Association’s Trust Working Group and data company Kantar on a new regular series, which will unpick the secrets behind effective advertising.

Conducted by Kantar, ‘The Works’ study will test a selection of high-profile current ads with the public every month, to determine which are working best. Each month will focus on a different media channel in rotation, starting with television.

Marketing Week will then reveal the most effective campaign and explain why it has been so well received, to help marketers deliver stronger, more creative and more commercially effective work.

Russell Parsons, Editor-in-chief of Marketing Week, says: “Marketing Week’s purpose is to try and elevate the effectiveness of marketing and marketers. This series will offer valuable insight into best practice in one the key tactical tools in a marketer’s armory – advertising. More importantly, what is working among the most important people to marketers, the public.”

Meanwhile, the AA hopes that by democratising the secrets of effectiveness, sharing best practice and proving the value of creativity, the industry can begin to restore public trust in advertising.

Research conducted by industry think tank Credos saw public favourability towards advertising hit a low of 25% in December 2018.

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Overall favourability towards advertising did increase from 50% to 65% from December 2018 to December 2019, but the gap between the number of those favourable towards advertising, versus the average of those favourable to other industries, increased from 19% to 21%.

“There is a clear connection between commercial effectiveness and creativity,” says the Ad Association’s CEO, Stephen Woodford.

“We know from our own research on what drives public trust and favourability that the creativity, information and social contribution of advertising are the top three positive influences. So this is about showing what is best for brands is also good for the overall reputation and impact of advertising.”

The Advertising Association’s Trust Working Group is chaired by the industry trade bodies representing advertisers and agencies, ISBA and IPA. The group is focused on analysing how the industry improves the advertising experience for the public.

The IPA’s director general, Paul Bainsfair, says the trade body has “long championed” the importance of creativity and its link to effectiveness, adding that this link has become “ever more crucial” given the pressures advertising is under in terms of declining public trust.

“This new initiative with Marketing Week and Kantar is a crucial new part of our Trust Working Group’s agenda to make sure we put the public’s experience of advertising on every marketer’s agenda,” he says.

“It will provide a regular and informed reminder of just how advertising can drive positive responses from the public and, by achieving this, fuel marketing success.”



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