Marketing Week Engage Awards 2012

It’s time to show the world just how brilliantly your marketing strategy has performed with the launch of the Marketing Week Engage Awards 2012.


The Engage Awards are now firmly ensconced as the awards that matter to marketers and the accompanying glamorous party is a must-attend on the calendar.

Winners of Engage Awards 2011 came from the widest variety of companies and sectors and included brands such as Fiat, Costa, Boden, Nike, The Economist and Depaul UK but all had one thing in common – they managed to convince rigorous judges that they had developed bold, innovative and effective marketing.

The field is wide open for the 2012 awards – and size of campaign marketing budget is no barrier to entry as it’s the effectiveness of your marketing strategy that will impress the judges. Click here to find the categories and entry criteria.

The deadline is 17 January 2012 so there’s plenty of time to gather the data and evidence to support your entry.

And take note that the Engage Awards party takes place on 22 May at Grosvenor House Hotel in London. It’s the most talked about networking, hard-partying and downright rewarding event around. Last year there was the chance to win breakfast with host Chris Evans, dance to a live band and join in with the marketing industry celebrating all its hard work and successes.

The awards reach their third birthday this year and the extravaganza will be even bigger, ritzier and glitzier than before. Look out for ticket details shortly.