Marketing Week Explores: 2020 Career and Salary Survey special

In the latest edition of the Marketing Week Explores podcast we analyse the implications of the diversity crisis revealed by the 2020 Career and Salary Survey and ask, what change is needed to rebalance opportunities in marketing?

In this edition of Marketing Week Explores, hosted by reporter Molly Fleming, Marketing Week editor Russell Parsons and acting features editor Charlotte Rogers reflect on the lack of diversity in marketing exposed by the 2020 Career and Salary Survey and discuss what change is needed to redress the balance.

They are joined by Aviva’s global director of corporate reputation and brand governance, Raj Kumar, and former Guardian News and Media marketing director, Sonia Sudhakar, who talk openly about inclusion, the responsibility of being a role model and what can be done to welcome more young people from diverse backgrounds into marketing.

Join the team for this and more on the latest edition of Marketing Week Explores.



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