More hands-on and faster-paced: Why young marketers are turning to sectors other than FMCG

Marketing Week Explores: With many young people thinking about their futures today as they collect their A-level results, we discuss the opportunities for any budding marketers looking to enter the industry and whether or not FMCG still offers the best learning ground.

FMCG has always been thought of as the number one training ground for anyone looking for a solid start to career in marketing. However, as the world becomes more global and fast-paced does FMCG still provide the best place for marketeers to learn?

No one is denying FMCG has a great deal to offer young marketers, but are there other sectors that can offer a different type of experience and additional skills? Tech, telecoms and finance are just some of the industries that have been heralded as challenging the consumer goods industry, which some have accused of being too rigid in its approach. 

Listen to the latest Marketing Week Explores podcast where reporter Molly Fleming and features editor Lucy Tesseras discuss why FMCG’s dominance might be waning.

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