Must-see sessions at Marketing Week Live and the Insight Show

We round up our top picks ahead of 7 and 8 March, including sessions on marketers’ biggest pain points and the most overused jargon.

Marketing Week Live and its sister event the Insight Show are the live embodiment of Marketing Week. Running concurrently over two days, they are an annual means to bring to life the content we produce day in, day out. In 2018, we will do this in exciting new ways.

On the all new Editor’s Stage, we will delve deep into some of the biggest challenges you face.

From boosting the ROI of content marketing, to extracting more from less, to the challenge of nurturing the next generation of marketing leaders, and determining marketing’s very future within an organisation, the Editor’s Stage will deliver plenty of practical advice and actionable insight.

Here are our picks of what you can look forward to at this year’s Marketing Week Live.

Find solutions to your biggest pain points

Editor’s Stage, several sessions on 7 and 8 March

New for 2018, ‘The Marketers’ Toolkit’ lays bare some of the biggest problems marketers face every day. However, with the help of industry experts from across the marketing ecosystem it will go beyond hand-wringing and offer solutions. Highlights among the 12 40-minute sessions include GDPR, customer journey planning and finding and managing the means to deliver the silver bullet to success: customer experience.

Unpick the past, present and future of marketing

Editor’s Stage, 7 March, 9:15am

Marketing Week turns 40-years-old in 2018. Although much of what we do to mark the significant anniversary will be forward-looking, we will allow ourselves a moment or two of reflection in order to make sense of the present. And who better to help do that than esteemed editors of the title across four decades?

Torin Douglas, Howard Sharman, Ruth Mortimer and current editor Russell Parsons will gather to share their insight on marketing over four decades.

Help us consign the worst marketing jargon to history

Editor’s Stage, 7 March, 9:45am

You will be familiar with television show Room 101, where celebrities attempt to dump their biggest bugbears into a confined room. As much as we all love the business of marketing, it is undoubtedly full of transient buzz phrases and concepts ripe for extinction.

In this irreverent and interactive session, Marketing Week columnists Mark Ritson, Tanya Joseph and Colin Lewis will nominate their worst of the worst, and the audience will have the final say. Don’t miss out.

Find out what the next generation of marketing leaders can teach the present

Editor’s Stage, 7 March, 4:50pm

Millennial marketers are increasingly referred to as if they are fundamentally different to more mature colleagues. In this session we pair two marketers from some of the biggest companies in the world, one in the early stages of their career, one towards their peak, and explore what each can learn from the other.

Diageo’s European innovation director Ed Pilkington and Smirnoff brand manager Nicholas Cornbleet will  be joined by Microsoft’s consumer marketing director Paul Davies and his colleague Steven Woodgate to discuss marketing through their respective generational lenses.

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Discover what the marketing organisation of the future looks like

Editor’s Stage, 8 March, 9:10am

There is no doubt that the role of the marketer is expanding. The part data and technology play in execution of a marketing strategy mean that the skills and knowledge required are broader than in the past. Such developments, coupled with attitudinal and behavioural shifts among consumers, mean the question of where marketing will sit within an organisation and how marketing departments will be structured is more pertinent than ever.

Join us for this panel of senior business leaders including TUI’s Jeremy Ellis and former Hostelworld CMO Ottokar Rosenberger – now chief operating officer at – as we explore where marketing will sit within the future marketing organisation.

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Hear how to extract more value from less money

Editor’s Stage, 8 March, 9:45am

The need for marketers to balance efficiency and effectiveness has never been greater. A continually challenging economy means that doing more for less is an objective for marketers at big and small brands alike.

Direct Line Group’s brands director Kerry Chilvers and St John Ambulance’s brand manager Amy Lees will deliver two very different ‘shoestring marketing’ case studies but with the same result, big return, small investment.

Enjoy Mark Ritson’s dissection of what should matter to marketers

Editor’s Stage, 8 March, 4:25pm

mark ritson

In his inimitable manner, Marketing Week columnist, consultant and academic Mark Ritson will lay bare the failings of modern marketers. In this closing address Mark will take aim at the assumptions and obsessions preoccupying many marketers, while identifying the strategically essential things often overlooked and why they matter. It is guaranteed to be entertaining, sobering and most definitely thought-provoking.

Unravel marketing technology

Marketing Technology Stage, several sessions on 7 and 8 March

There is a dizzying array of options for any marketer in the market for a technology solution. So much so that it is a challenge navigating your way through it to determine what the right choice is for executing your strategy.

The Marketing Technology Stage explores the systems and technology out there and how they are helping marketers improve their performance.

Prepare for the future

Marketing Transformation Stage, several sessions on 7 and 8 March

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality are often discussed in abstract terms. Practical applications in products, services or campaigns sometimes feel like science fiction.

There is, however, plenty the forward-thinking marketer can learn in order to use this new technology right now. Across both days of the show, you will hear from some of those in the industry offering solutions to everyday challenges.

Cut through the cynicism around advertising

Brand and Engagement Stage, several sessions on 7 and 8 March 

Received wisdom has it that world weary millennials are completely turned off by push advertising. Although there is still plenty of room for well-crafted creative and well written call-to-action copy, it is true that marketers need to find new ways to engage people.

Across two days, you will hear sessions detailing the merits of building engagement strategy around influencer marketing, micro-influencers, branded content and gamification among many other things.

Turn data into insight

The Insight Show, several sessions, 7 and 8 March

There is no shortage of data available but with volume comes a greater need to make sense of it. Otherwise known as insight.

The long-running Insight Show helps data and analytics professionals and marketers get to grips with the latest developments in the industry. Leading edge approaches, trail-blazing tools and techniques and the biggest challenges in the industry will be discussed and showcased throughout the show.

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