Marketing Week Live! preview

June 29-30, Grand Hall, Olympia, London

Viewpoint: Mark Choueke

Marketing Week’s editor explains what this year’s event has in store for marketers:

“It’s difficult to believe it has been a year since 10,000 visitors packed themselves into the Grand Hall at Olympia over two days for the inaugural Marketing Week Live! event. But here we are again and Marketing Week Live! 2010 is set to dwarf 2009’s launch event.

We return with our four market-leading exhibitions in the shape of The Insight Show, The Online Marketing Show, The In-store Show and The Data Marketing Show. Each show boasts a heavy-duty conference programme with specially selected speakers offering far-reaching practical advice and guides to the latest industry developments.

This year’s Marketing Week Live! Centre Stage features a set of speakers playing key roles in demonstrating marketing’s ability to lead the development of wider business strategy. These individuals have been chosen for their thought leadership and visionary ability to shape the future business of marketing. Three of them give us a quick taste of what we can expect (below).

In addition, I will host a trendspotting session with David Rowan, editor of Wired, the hottest consumer magazine on the news-stand.

It doesn’t just end with the shows and Centre Stage – there are new additions to Marketing Week Live!, such as Brand Central Station, an area where you can interact with brand communication specialists, and much more.

Many of you have told us that last year’s Marketing Week Live! event provided enough content, networking opportunities and business leads to enable you to do the equivalent of a month’s work in a single day. I believe we can improve on that this year. See you there.”

Viewpoint: Vikki Chowney

The editor of Marketing Week’s sister service Reputation Online explains what marketers can expect to learn from her session on 30 June:

“There are many battles for power within a business – sometimes around resource or staffing; sometimes about who gets the best coffee. With the influx of socially-driven technology and an explosion of self-publishing, suddenly social media has become relevant to every aspect of a business. Sometimes customer services will fight PR; at other times, it’s the marketing team that wants control.

It’s not just internal issues. Who should a brand trust to drive its social media agenda?

Its ad agency, which is now controlling most

of its brand strategy? Or a specialist company with digital expertise? And anyway, does it even matter?

I will be joined by Marshall Manson, director of digital strategy at Edelman, Will McInnes, co-founder and managing director of Nixon McInnes and Georgina Wald, corporate communications manager for Domino’s Pizza Group, to discuss these complex issues.”

Cenre Stage speakers

Cathryn Sleight, marketing director, Coca-Cola Great Britain & Ireland

Sleight is the woman responsible for taking Coke’s UK sales through the £1bn barrier in 2009 for the first time. Having joined the company in 2006 from Allied Domecq, Sleight has overseen campaigns for the company’s large number of brands within the region.

We asked Sleight for some tasters of her session at Marketing Week Live!, along with what she hopes to take away from the event:

MW:  What are the most important ideas that attendees should take away from your Marketing Week Live! talk?

“Think big and also small. While it’s important to do some big things really well, there’s also scope to try out lots of different, little things and to go on a journey to learn what works, refining your plans accordingly.

Nowhere is this more true than in the digital space, where investing in big bets – such as we did with our Coke Zone loyalty site – can reap huge rewards. But even trying out new, smaller-scale ways of engaging with consumers can result in new, exciting and lasting relationships.”

MW: When attending Marketing Week Live!, what are a few of the big trends for 2010 that marketers should bear in mind?

“Marketers need to be aware that we’re still in a recession and that the trends ahead reflect this. We’re seeing a continued focus on in-home living with people still choosing to stay in, rather than go out.

All things digital will also remain a strong trend, with consumers interacting with brands in an ever-changing, interactive landscape. In this arena, it’s the little things that matter; creating personal dialogues with brands in trusted online spaces.

Ultimately, at Coke, we like to be setting trends, rather than following them, so we’re always looking for ways to stand out. My advice to marketers is to be careful about which trends they choose to adopt. It’s better to do one thing really well than try to be everything to all people.”

MW: What do you hope to learn/do at Marketing Week Live! this year?

“I hope to inspire marketers about future possibilities. I’d like to challenge them to take risks and to be brave in their thinking. I want to provoke debate and talk about the issues that matter to our industry. And I want to get out and about to meet up-and-coming talent.”

Tim Sefton, customer director, O2

Sefton is a board-level executive at the UK arm of mobile brand O2. His current role as customer director includes responsibility for business strategy and development, brand strategy, internal communications, public relations and corporate affairs. Last year, he oversaw the launch of O2’s first financial products under its new O2 Money brand.

Tim joined O2 in 2000 as head of UK business marketing, later taking the role of senior vice-president of strategy and development for Telefónica O2 Europe. He also previously worked for BT and British Airways.

We asked Sefton for some tasters of his session at Marketing Week Live!, along with what he hopes to take away from the event:

MW: What are the most important ideas that attendees should take away from your Marketing Week Live! talk?

“I’ll be exploring the role we have to play in making our customers’ lives easier. As we look for new areas to expand our brand into, our focus is how we can connect our customers to what they value – their friends and family, their interests and money. In doing so, we hope to do our part to help make their lives that bit easier.”

MW: When attending Marketing Week Live!, what are a few of the big trends for 2010 that marketers should bear in mind?

“Trust, reputation and social responsibility. We know customers want the brands they buy from to behave responsibly and, with Prime Minister David Cameron’s talk about a big society, we can only expect the social role of business to expand.”

MW: What do you hope to learn/do at Marketing Week Live! this year?

“Engaging with customers through social media is an important area for us at the moment and I’m really interested to learn from other companies who are doing this well.”

Paul Nevett, vice-president marketing, foods, Unilever UK & Ireland

Nevett is well-versed in the competitive food and drink sectors, having worked at Unilever since 2000. Before joining Unilever, he was at Bestfoods, Danone and Metropolitan Brewing.

An advocate of not only smart business strategy but also companies’ wider role in society, he leads Unilever’s involvement in the Government’s Change4Life health initiative. And this year, he is working on even more behaviour change programmes, such as Flora’s work on heart health.

We asked Nevett for some tasters of his session at Marketing Week Live!, along with what he hopes to take away from the event:

MW: What are the most important ideas that attendees should take away from your Marketing Week Live! talk?

“Marketers must think more broadly about the impact of their activity. They also need to consider the increasing role of corporate brands – the brand behind the scenes.

Think about consumer behaviour change as well as company behaviour change. And the importance of creating a sustainable business – both in terms of profit and environmental or social measures.”

MW: When attending Marketing Week Live!, what are a few of the big trends

for 2010 that marketers should bear in mind?

“We recently carried out research with more than 1,000 consumers from different socio-economic backgrounds across the UK to better understand the mood of the nation.

One of the most regular issues that was raised was how little trust people have in Government and business.

Against this backdrop, marketers need to really think about the authenticity and credibility of their brand’s message more than ever before.”

MW: What do you hope to learn/do at Marketing Week Live! this year?

“Attracting and retaining the best marketers in the UK remains a key focus for us. I’m looking forward to meeting bright, new talent who have a passion to win in the marketplace.”

The Data Marketing Show

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Data is going to be the marketer’s most important asset in the future, according to Marc Bresseel, vice-president of global agencies at

Microsoft Advertising. Bresseel told Marketing Week earlier this year

that: “Everything is now about data. Every storyline becomes a data project.”

This year’s Data Marketing Show presents the latest case studies, research and channels that marketers can use to boost their brands. Covering everything from data processing to how social media can be integrated into a wider data programme, this year’s show puts data right at the heart of a marketer’s daily activities.

At the Data Marketing Show conference sessions, sponsored by Transactis, you can hear about everything from strategies for using data more effectively to finding the technology to carry out complex initiatives. James Morgan, head of the customer intelligence centre at O2, and Simon Kaffel, data and analysis director of marketing strategy at Sky will offer lessons from their own experience.

MoreThan will also offer its expertise on how you can use data to boost sales at the same time as cutting costs, while Marc Michaels, director of direct marketing and evaluation at the COI, will report on how organisations can measure their performance and monitor return on investment.

The In-Store Show

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A brand’s in-store environment is vital to its success. According to Marketing Week’s Point-of-Purchase Attitudes research from January 2010, in-store material is more strategically important to businesses than ever.

The study also shows that marketers are using word-of-mouth recommendations to appoint their in-store agencies. So make sure you are talked about – and speaking to the right people – at this year’s show.

At the In-Store Show conference sessions, you can discover how baby brand Tommee Tippee overcomes the challenges of in-store environments to keep consumers buying progressive products and ranges. And you can hear about combining store marketing with online techniques from the chief executive of luxury etailer My Wardrobe, which saw its sales rocket by 93% in the year to March 2010.

The future of retail environments is also the theme at the POPAI Digital Store. This functional and merchandised outlet features the latest technological innovations to apply to your own brands. And to finish off any visit, don’t miss out on seeing the finalists of the POPAI Awards unveiled in their three-dimensional glory.

Look out for… Data Marketing Show Presentation Arena

You can also find more insight and learnings at the free-to-attend Data Marketing Show Presentation Arena, sponsored by Experian and Infogroup, where data and direct marketing providers and suppliers will talk through case studies and tactics that have been successfully executed and yielded results. Also, visit the Equifax Data Clinic, where visitors can consult the firm’s experts.

The SkillVM Live Finale

Throughout the show, Skillsmart Retail will have professional visual merchandisers and students creating vibrant window displays. On the second day of the event, the best visual merchandising teams will receive their awards from retailing

guru and star of TV show Mary, Queen of Shops, Mary Portas.

Also at Marketing Week Live!

Brand Central Station

This area celebrates the best in brand communications. Featuring case studies from the Marketing Week Engage Awards, Design Week Awards and Benchmark Awards.

Meet the Marketing Week team

Meet Marketing Week’s editorial team at the dedicated Marketing Week area. Whether you want to find out what makes a front-page news splash or offer insight into the latest trends, you will find us all there.

Pitch VIP Lounge

Drop into the lounge within Brand Central Station to check out the new Pitch website, where you can find out which advertising agencies are rated most highly by their own clients.

The Insight Show

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The most creative marketers will find themselves lost without a true understanding of their customers. While it’s vital for brands to grab attention, this is worth little without detailed knowledge of consumer insights explaining what really matters to people out there.

Whether you develop full research strategies for your brand or simply want real inspiration to back up your marketing plans, The Insight Show offers networking, solution providers, case studies and thoughtprovoking ideas to improve your research strategies.

The Insight Show conference features sessions from Holly Goodier, head of planning – multiplatform, at the BBC, on how to make sure your customer insight can feed into content that works across every type of platform or media. Meanwhile, Adam Thornber, strategy manager at Northern Rock, explains how what consumers say links with what they actually do.

Other case studies from brands including Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Citigroup, Moshi Monsters and Danone set out new ways that organisations can reach the people that matter and understand their feedback.

The Online Marketing Show

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The most recent IPA Bellwether report found that marketing budgets are being revised upwards for the first time since 2007. And what’s more, digital marketing is leading this push.

This year’s NMA digital strategy theatre sponsored by Lyris and Sticky Content features a case study from Cadbury’s interactive manager explaining how the brand carried out its ground-breaking Wispa campaign through interactive and social media methods. Also, learn how Pacha nightclub in Ibiza is using augmented reality to appeal to young, early-adopting consumers.

First Direct explains how it is using new media methods, such as community and social media sites, to help improve the customer experience. Meanwhile, Iris, MPG, Edelman and AMV BBDO suggest how multiple agencies can best work together to create digital strategies.

For brands hoping to improve their skills on-site, there will be search masterclasses during the show in partnership with Efficient Frontier. The Pay Per Click Advice Centre in partnership with Periscopix will also offer marketers free advice on their pay-per-click campaigns. Or you can visit the presentation arenas sponsored by Agillic, dgm, ExactTarget, Guava and Latitude, which will be running a whole host of free sessions on virtually every aspect of digital marketing.


The MRS Training Academy and The Research Club

Still feel there’s more to learn about research? Unsurprisingly, The Insight Show offers numerous sources of information for interested parties to find out more. The MRS Academy is running free-ofcharge sessions on topics including researching children and social media. And after all that, there will be a relaxed networking evening – The Research Club, 5pm-7pm on 29 June on the central café, which will help you build valuable contacts within the industry.


The New Media Age Digital Strategy Theatre

As marketers struggle to work out which channels are most appropriate for their consumers, this theatre will host insight sessions demonstrating how leading brands have overcome problems and found success. With the performers handpicked by New Media Age editor-in-chief Mike Nutley, this should be an unmissable forum of ideas.

Marketing Week Trends 2010

This two-day, paid-for conference is running alongside Marketing Week Live! in the same venue. Offering case studies and insight from brands including Adidas, Cadbury and Nike, senior marketers should not miss it. For further information go to



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