Marketing Week partners with Innate Motion for brand and music activist event

Marketing Week has partnered with ad agency Innate Motion for the upcoming ‘The Sound of Change’ event, which will explore how marketers can learn from musicians when it comes to appealing to millennials and generation z.

Prague, Czech Republic – October 7, 2010: A portrait of John Lennon with peace symbols is a small detail in the graffiti on the Lennon Wall in the Little Town of Prague near the Charles Bridge.This landmark wall is open to public graffiti in remembrance of John Lennon.

Whether it’s John Lennon or Bob Dylan, some of the greatest activists have been musicians with their messages continuing to resonate with millenials.

Running with this theme, brands – including Ben & Jerry’s, Virgin, WWF and Radio 1 – will explore what marketers can learn from activist musicians at the free event, which runs from 9am to 1pm on July 20 at London’s The Hospital Club.

Innate Motion’s business humaniser Jeff Macdonald, who previously spent two decades working for the likes of Nestle, Bacardi (Global Brand Director) and Nokia (Global Head of Activation), believes brands must align themselves with musicians.

He explained: “We need to remind ourselves that marketing – done well – has the power to create magic that operates at a truly cultural level, offering people the kind of relevance and value at a societal level that will drive the transformation of a brand’s standing and its performance.

“And with music and its natural activist stance, marketers have the potential to make a brand an active partner in a movement that makes a real and meaningful impact – something truly vital to people and their lives.”

Last year, research showed that consumers aged from 20 to 60 are listening to the same music and going to the same concerts presenting brands with assorted opportunities to connect with audiences across multiple generations.



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