Marketing Week Profiles: Browser Media

Founded by Joe Friedlein, a veteran of the Web 1.0 days, Browser Media was set up to provide specialist search engine marketing services.

browsermedia16●●● Who we are… Founded by Joe Friedlein, a veteran of the Web 1.0 days, Browser Media was set up to provide specialist search engine marketing services. Having been involved in new media since the days when it really was “new”, he watched the growing impact of search engines, but was frustrated at the often poor advice given to website owners who wanted to increase the visibility of their site. Browser Media was established to provide honest, expert consultancy in this marketing medium. Browser Media is a relative newcomer to the market, but is quickly establishing itself at the forefront of UK search engine marketing.

●●● What we do… Browser Media helps businesses maximise their exposure on search engines. We focus exclusively on search engine marketing. We are not Web designers who have decided to offer search engine marketing consultancy, we specialise in search-engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC). We are based in the UK, but we manage global search-engine marketing (SEM) campaigns.

●●● Who we work with... We work with big brands such as Scandinavian Airlines, John Lewis, Navman and Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, but we also work with smaller businesses that face much greater challenges in rising up the search engine rankings. Browser Media also works in partnership with other online marketing agencies. Where it is impractical to create an internal search marketing team, Browser Media can provide a cost-effective outsourced solution.

●●● Why work with us…? Browser Media is passionate about search engine marketing. We are devoted to achieving longterm success for our clients and will pull out all the stops to deliver results. We also make a point of working in partnership with clients – our aim is to work as a team with businesses and remain flexible in our approach to meet their requirements. As a result, we enjoy
long working relationships with our clients. We will only use 100% ethical search marketing techniques that deliver lasting results – we know what works and will not risk your brand for short-term gain.

navman17●●● What we did for Nawman
Navman is one of the world’s leading GPS navigation companies. It created the first PDA-based, in-car GPS navigation device in 1997 and now offers a range of GPS systems to suit any requirement.

●●● The brief and objective
While the GPS market is growing exponentially, with almost everyone now aspiring to be guided to their destinations by a small electronic device, it is a market that is fiercely competitive. The brief was simple – use PPC to drive as much targeted traffic as possible to the Navman website in order to raise brand awareness and to sell GPS products through its online store. Budgets were finite, so it was important to deliver the highest possible volume of visitors within the budget.

●●● Execution
Browser Media began with comprehensive keyword research. Only with a thorough understanding of how the target audience is using search engines is it possible to structure a campaign to maximise the potential that search engine marketing offers.

Having identified the full range of keywords and phrases being used, we created a series of campaigns that targeted specific keywords. By matching users’ keywords to ad copy and particular landing pages, the user experience is greatly improved.

We worked closely with Navman to ensure that the appropriate tracking and analytics solutions were used so that effectiveness of the advertising could be measured. Once the campaigns were live, Browser Media monitored performance on a daily basis and quickly identified which areas were providing the best results. Only by careful analysis of the campaign data is it possible to optimise the performance and improve the effectiveness of the ad spend.

●●● Results
The PPC campaigns exceeded all objectives and are now a key component of Navman’s marketing initiatives. During the first three months of activity, visitors to the site increased by 47%, while the average cost per click fell by 30%, proving how positive results can be yielded from careful management of campaigns and by embracing Google’s principle of the “quality score”. Following the success of the advertising in the UK, the campaigns have been rolled out in France, extending the reach of the Navman brand.

Navman Europe internet marketing manager Christopher Miller says: “We have found the PPC advertising with Browser Media to be outstanding. Not only has it helped increase awareness of the brand, sales through our online store have resulted in an impressive ROI and there is no question that PPC presents us with a cost-effective way to market our products.”

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