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Founded in 2001, TBG London is one of the UKs top ten independent digital advertising agencies. We believe everything to do with digital advertising should be available under one roof, which is why we offer our clients a complete solution.

TBG14●●● Who we are… Founded in 2001, TBG London is one of the UK’s top ten independent digital advertising agencies. We believe everything to do with digital advertising should be available under one roof, which is why we offer our clients a complete solution. From initial strategic consultancy, to creative concepts, to media planning and buying, we have in-house teams that manage every channel. This means we control every step of the advertising process, ensuring you have the greatest chance of getting the best results – be it holidays booked, credit cards applied for, members signed up or improved brand awareness and imagery.

●●● What we do… To break it down, we cover all aspects of the digital advertising spectrum, including creative design, display advertising, e-mail campaigns, affiliate management and search strategy – both paid and
organic. TBG understands that you have budgets, targets and costs to meet, and that’s why we focus on measurable results. Everything we do is defined by your goals, whether that’s driving down acquisition costs, improving return on investment or increasing brand standing. We work to your numbers and deliver the best results to you. The experience TBG brings as a comprehensive digital advertising agency also allows our clients to connect learnings across campaigns. For example, our search team use ad copy learnings to test email subject lines or advise on creative straplines.

●●● Who we work with… TBG work across numerous industry sectors, with a range of clients, including: American Express,, Experian, Harrods, Sky Gaming and

●●● Why work with us…? We’re different from most. We believe the breadth of our offering is the key to our success. By controlling the whole digital advertising process, we utilise key learnings to inform other areas of activity, minimising wastage and driving down costs, to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns.

justrewards15●●● What we did for
As a leader in marketing solutions, it is imperative for Experian’s Research Services division to collate quality data that offers representative spreads across numerous demographics.

●●● The brief and objective
TBG London was appointed by Experian in 2002 and tasked with driving traffic to various incentivised surveys through a variety of digital channels, including display advertising, affiliate and search marketing. The search objective, in the short term, was to deliver volume while maintaining a representative spread of demographic profiles and lower cost-per-acquisition rates. In the long term, TBG’s goal was to set out a roadmap for maturing the Experian search strategy into a valuable data source.

●●● Execution
When setting up the Experian paid search accounts, TBG’s priority was to ensure they had an extensive and unique longtail keyword list. Initially, TBG focused on targeting individuals who were specifically looking to enter competitions and sign up to receive offers. Utilising keyword terms based around these, such as “competition giveaways”, were an obvious way of doing this.

To reach a broader respondent base, TBG used socio-demographic data and research from Mintel, TGI, as well as from Experian’s Research Services division, to break down audiences into unique profile clusters. For example, TBG identified students to be one unique cluster. Ad group and keyword terms targeting the student market were then implemented, and incentives were tailored to this specific segment to increase conversion rates.

TBG also used its own bespoke analysis tool to test alternative ad copies based on conversion data. Analysing everything from keyword insertion to capitalisation of specific phrases, this technique ensured TBG was able to display ads that had a statistically higher chance of converting. An additional tool was also used to determine behaviour around the times when consumers were likely to convert. A comprehensive day-part strategy was implemented, which targeted customers at specific times of day by keyword, ad copy and position.

As the relationship has grown into a partnership between TBG and Experian’s Research Services division, TBG has provided consultative advice to the division, focusing on improving quality scores. Developing individual landing pages that are relevant to the advert has led to quality scores being significantlyimproved, allowing Experian’s ads to feature higher in search engine rankings, without the need to raise bid prices.

As a full-service digital ad agency, TBG was able to benefit from cross learnings. It conducted A/B testing for Experian’s e-mail headers, using search campaign ad copy, prior to sending. This has allowed Experian to maximise the value of its campaigns across all digital channels.

●●● Results
Since working with Experian’s Research Services division, TBG has delivered consistent results. For example, over the past three months, completed applications from Google alone have increased by 30%, while acquisition costs have been reduced by 13%.

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