Marketing Week survey will reveal top London agencies

Stuart Smith
Smith: Agency world has changed

Marketing Week is launching its Agency Reputation Survey this week to create the Top London Agencies list. Built on the success and popularity of the magazine’s previous Reputation Surveys, it will provide a detailed analysis on marketing services agencies in London.

The research, which aims to be the most comprehensive and thorough record of marketers’ attitudes towards agencies and advertising trends, will be carried out by YouGov. YouGov will survey more than 19,000 marketers, hand-picked across a range of sectors. These marketers will be asked to measure the reputation of the agencies, based on qualitative attitudes on a number of criteria.

Marketing Week consultant editor Stuart Smith says: “I first set up the Agency Reputation Survey in 1989. For many years it served as the only true benchmark by which clients really judge their agencies. Not by size, financial turnover or billings – though these can be important – but by how well and how consistently agencies service the brands that retain them.

“In 20 years the agency world has changed greatly, and we must change with it. We have now completely reappraised the research, its objectives and the accompanying criteria. We have also overhauled the sample, making it much broader and even more representative of client requirements,” he adds.

To all the advertisers participating in this survey, it will provide a chance to get further engaged and involved with the advertising world and help examine client-agency relationships. The initial findings of the research will be disclosed to all participants before the results are published.
The project is being led by research editor, Sonoo Singh.


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