Marketing Week Trends is returning to London on 29-30 June

Now in its 3rd year, this year’s conference looks set to eclipse its predecessors as 31 brand leaders, media experts, analysts, economists, academics and technologists line-up to debate the key consumer and marketing trends that pose the most significant challenges, opportunities and threats to your business.

This 2 day conference shys away from the traditional conference format, instead combining a mixture of interactive discussions, TV style interviews and real-life case studies to shine a light on key changes in consumer behaviours our experts believe to be the most significant. This event is guaranteed to stimulate your thinking and give you ideas and insights you can apply to your future marketing strategy. For more information visit the website.

Marketing Week Trends – co-located with Marketing Week Live

Attending Marketing Week Trends 2010 not only offers you the opportunity to discover the key patterns and latest ideas in marketing – it gives you unrestricted access to Marketing Week Live, the UK’s largest integrated market event.

At the heart of Marketing Week Live is Centre Stage, a unique opportunity to interact, raise debate, question and network with the industry’s most influential leaders. Marketing Week Trends 2010 has been specifically designed to give you the opportunity to visit Centre Stage during the lunchtime break and gain additional perspectives from key industry players.



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