Marlboro unveils mid-priced cigarette brand ‘Bright Leaf’

Marlboro has unveiled a new mid priced cigarette brand called Bright Leaf, its first new product in two years.

Marlboro Bright Leaf
Marlboro Bright Leaf

The brand has been created for the UK market and will be on sale from 1 September, retailing at £5.39 for a 20-pack and £2.75 (RRP) for a pack of 10, 8% cheaper than Marlboro’s other cigarette brands.

The new brand has been created with the aim of being “different in taste, in price and in packaging,” to the cigarette brands currently available.

The packs will have a tactile finish and a distinctive, side opening design.

Marlboro Bright Leaf, is a 10mg tar cigarette using Virginia Blend tobacco.

The cigarette brand will be available to the on and off trade, retailing in over 3000 pubs and clubs as well as the retail trade.

Zoe Smith, Marlboro marketing manager UK and Ireland says: “It is an exciting new product which has been specifically designed to address the taste dimensions of the British adult smoker. From its distinctive taste to its tactile pack design, Marlboro Bright Leaf brings the Marlboro brand to the mid-range tobacco market for the first time here in the UK.”

The Marlboro range in the UK currently includes which includes Red, Gold, Silver and Menthol.



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