Marmite unveils brand shrine

Marmite has ended its spoof political Love/Hate campaign by unveiling a Marmite shaped monument for lovers of the brand.

Marmite shrine
Marmite shrine

Unilever, Marmite’s parent company, says the sculpture in Burton upon Trent will provide a place for fans to “congregate and worship” the salty spread and “marks the nation’s unconditional affection towards one of Britain’s most iconic brands”.

Marmite is encouraging fans to make a “pilgrimage” to the shrine and has adopted location based social networking services Foursquare and Facebook Places to allow visitors to “check-in” to the Marmite shrine.

The “Monumite” also includes a digital content element that allows fans to download unique content celebrating the history of Marmite and Burton to their mobile phone via Bluetooth.

The shrine for “Marmite-mad lovers” was installed by Marmite’s Love Party to allow people to “worship” the brand as outlined in its party manifesto victory pledge.

Marmite launched the Love/Hate campaign, created by DDB, in June to play on the public interest in the general election.

The Marmite Love and Hate parties each had a manifesto, and the Love Party was revealed as the winner.

The sculpture has been design to act as a “sustainable and long-term piece of public art” as well as seating for children and a platform for adults at public events.

The shrine follows the launch of Marmite chocolate as part of a Christmas gift range.



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