Mars cuts sat-fats by 15%

Mars is reducing the saturated fat content of its chocolate bars as part of its ongoing strategy to improve the nutrition credentials of its products.

From September, standard Mars, Snickers, Milky Way and Topic bars will have 15% less saturated fat.

A Mars spokespersons says the reduction from 5g of sat-fats to 4.8g represents an £8.9m investment by the firm and more than 40,000 R&D hours over five years to reduce the fat content but not change the taste of the product.

There will be a £1.4m television and press campaign launching at the start of September to communicate the new ’lower sat-fats, same taste’ proposition.

Mars says the reduction is “market leading” and is part of its “Raising the Bar” programme of commitments to improve the nutritional content of its products.

The move follows new guidelines from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) that set food manufacturers the goal of reduce the saturated fat in chocolate confectionery by at least 10% by the end of 2012.

Mars claims that its Mars bar now has the lowest levels of sat fats of any product in the Top 10 chocolate singles category in the UK and its bars will represent the lowest amounts of saturated fat per 100g for any confectionery products in the UK market.

Fiona Dawson, managing director, Mars Chocolate UK says: “Mars holds a special place with UK consumers – this made it all the more important for us to keep the same great taste, and is the reason that this reduction in saturated fat represents such an achievement. We are and remain committed to improving the nutritional content of our products.”


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