Mars forced into u-turn over animal products

Mars UK has performed a u-turn over plans to use animal products in its chocolate bars after hundreds of complaints from vegetarians. The company has taken out a series of adverts in today’s (Monday) national press highlighting its decision to not to change the whey in products such as Mars bars and Maltesers from a vegetarian version to one containing traces of animal rennet.

The advert contains a letter from Fiona Dawson, managing director of the company’s snack division, and says that the company has listened to complaints. It adds: “We made a mistake. We apologise.

“The consumer is our boss. Therefore we listen to you and your feedback.”

It also says the company will “commit” to ensuring that a selection of its brand will be suitable for vegetarians in the future and will start changing its manufacturing process immediately.

Mars announced plans to use whey containing animal rennet next week but has been faced with a storm of complaints from consumers and vegetarian groups.


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