Mars shakes up powdered drink category

Mars is launching a new powdered milkshake to compete with Nestlé’s category leading-brand Nesquik.


Mars Chocolate Milk Mix jars will carry the confectionery bar’s colours and contain its chocolate, caramel and malt flavouring. The drink will be positioned to target the family market.

Each 350 gram jar will provide enough mix to produce 20 glasses of the artificial sweetener free milkshake.

Mars says its ready-to-drink brand is the top-selling milk drink in impulse and is growing by 39% in grocery, which provides a “great base” for a new product launch.

A Mars spokeswoman says: “Mars saw the opportunity to bring something new and different to the rather staid powdered mix category. The Mars brand brings a completely new flavour to a category dominated by chocolate, strawberry and banana variants.”


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