Maserati picks marketing chief after Ferrari split

Maserati GB has appointed Toyota marketer Mike Biscoe as head of marketing as part of the creation of a new management team.

Previously, Ferrari Maserati had been a single Fiat Group-owned company with one management team in the UK. Marketing director James Pillar oversaw marketing for both marques. But the two brands have been split and, although they will still work closely, they will have separate management teams and marketing departments.

Biscoe was brand and communications strategy manager at Toyota Europe. Previously, he was communications manager at Alfa Romeo in Turin and brand manager for Alfa Romeo UK.

Peter Denton joins Maserati as head of sales, having spent 15 years at Porsche GB. Denton and Biscoe will work with sales and marketing co-ordinator Anna De Luca. Maserati GB will be run by managing director Andrea Antonnicola, who has been with Ferrari Maserati for 12 years.

The separation of the Ferrari and Maserati marques has been prompted by a similar move at the company’s headquarters in Italy. Fiat acquired Maserati in 1992 and in 1997 brought it under the Ferrari umbrella. The marques were part of the Fiat Group, rather than Fiat Auto, which comprises Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia.
A spokeswoman says the Fiat Group has decided it is time for Maserati to “stand on its own two feet” alongside Ferrari, rather than under it.


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