Mash UK white paper: 5 ways of making insight the lead catalyst for change in your business

It’s not that we don’t value insights; we believe insights, and those who uncover them, should be the lead catalysts for change in any business. And change is essential as businesses pursue increasingly aggressive growth targets while facing evolving models of brand building, disruptive technologies and shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviour that happen over a matter of years, not generations. Behaviours, trends and reputations are fluid and the rules of the game are seemingly constantly rewritten.

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In this ever-shifting landscape, brands that stand still are punished like never before, while those driving the change agenda in their categories and markets are reaping the rewards. But for the majority of brands, working out how to change is a challenge in and of itself.

Newton’s first law of motion states that an object in motion “moves at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by an external force”. People and organisations can be very much the same, with today’s ways of thinking and patterns of behaviour being shaped by what has gone before. After all, true change — the kind that fundamentally affects the future of the business — can be the more challenging, time-consuming and even unpopular path to take…

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