Mass lay-offs as ITV Digital closes down

ITV Digital is closing, leaving up to 23 marketers out of work and other digital platforms scrabbling to pick up subscribers that have not already deserted the service.

Marketers affected by the closure include marketing director Jeremy Dale, director of brand Alison Victory and director of marketing strategy Catherine McGrath.

The administrator laid off up to 1,500 staff at ITV Digital yesterday (Tuesday), including managing director Rob Fyfe. Redundancies two weeks ago included 12 other members of the marketing team.

Telewest Broadband has launched a national press campaign targeted specifically at ITV Digital customers last Wednesday and NTL has increased its media spending.

ITV Digital’s 800,000 subscribers are expected to lose up to 25 pay services on Wednesday, including Sky Sport, MTV, Discovery, UK Gold and Sky Movies. They will still receive the free-to-air services.


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