Mastercard moves into direct mail services

Mastercard is to execute direct marketing campaigns to its cardholders on behalf of retailers as the payment services firm looks to expand its business in the UK.

The move is said to be the first time Mastercard has acted as a DM service for retailers in the UK and follows a trial in the US.

The execution of direct mail is one of several new marketing and data analytics services unveiled by Mastercard under the moniker Advisors Merchant Solutions (AMS).

Mastercard says it will offer a “custom marketing solutions” service, which it claims “employs proprietary modelling to segment cardholders of participating banks that represent the best prospects for retailers marketing offers”.

It will also introduce “SpendingPulse”, a monthly “economic indicator of national retail sales”, while new benchmark analytics services is claimed to offer behaviourally-based intelligence data.

The firm says AMS aims to enable retailers “to understand spending activity” and “evaluate their sales performance against their competitors”. In addition, Mastercard claims, it will help them “focus direct marketing efforts”.

Andrew Woodward, senior vice president for merchant solutions for MasterCard Advisors says AMS “will be a key component of MasterCard’s strategy as we look to grow, diversify and build our business with retailers in the UK”.



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