Masterfoods set to unwrap premium Galaxy selection

Galaxy%20logoMasterfoods is understood to be launching a range of premium bite-sized chocolates aimed at the seasonal sharing market. Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses will be launched in the fourth quarter of the year in time for Christmas.

The product is understood to be a boxed product containing individually wrap-ped chocolates in assorted flavours such as chocolate truffle and caramel. It is thought the product aims to help Masterfoods to boost its sharing and boxed offering.

Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses will be positioned as a premium, sharing product aimed at the female market and it is expected to receive support through press and outdoor advertising over the Christmas period.

One industry insider says the product is similar to Galaxy Jewels, which is also an assortment of chocolates available in markets such as the Middle East and India.

Masterfoods has been increasing its range of bite-size products and revamping its sugar products range over recent years.

Earlier this year, it launched Mars Planets, a bagged snack that contains chocolate balls filled with caramel, nougat and crispy chocolate. Alongside the launch of Chewsers, its first sugar brand for a year, it is the company’s biggest brand of the year (MW February 22).

Chewsers is a range of liquid-filled fruit chews that insiders say are similar to Starburst but with a liquid centre. The company believes the innovation will kick-start sales across the category.

In 2004, Masterfoods ex-tended the Skittles brand into chewing gum in a bid to appeal to teenage consumers and invested £3.4m in a revamp of Starburst.


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