How Tempcover’s digital transformation kept it front of mind

A change to the Google algorithm in 2019 had seen Tempcover drift down the search rankings. But an intelligent and in-depth overhaul of its approach to SEO changed its fortunes.

Specialising in short-term insurance for vehicles, students and learners – a rapid and ‘in the moment’ transaction – it was crucial that Tempcover was front and centre of customers’ minds when they were seeking out cover at short notice.

But following an algorithm update in late 2019, the company had dropped considerably down Google’s organic search rankings, and recognised a need to better connect with its target customers via an overhaul of SEO.

Its impressive results in doing so have seen it selected as the 2021 Marketing Week Masters award winner for Digital Transformation.

The project saw the company first redefine its search universe to 698 keywords, all prioritised according to customer demand. Once these were in place, the team set about restructuring and rewriting all its online content to reflect these new keywords. It also launched a ‘front cover’ section of the site that showcase insightful thought leadership articles from senior members of its team. FAQs were developed to respond to the most common customer searches too, while PR outreach to relevant publications helped secure organic and credible backlinks to content.

The in-depth work paid off. The project increased Tempcover’s Google rankings from 19th position to sixth in just 18 months for its 52 priority keywords, secured 164 backlinks from authoritative independent websites and ultimately pushed up sales of policies considerably.

All this was achieved with a capped annual budget of just £100,000, using internal capabilities, and creating a foundation of skills that the company now looks set to build on in the coming years.