Match two faces and win a prize!

Now the Diary loves its lookalikes, as all regular readers know. And while this one is, possibly, not 100 per cent credible, that’s no reason not to run it past you. Let’s face it, it can’t be any worse than Communication Team’s dismal forays in these pages (MW ad nauseam).

Anyway, here goes. John Hardie – managing director of branded television in Europe, Africa and the Middle East for Walt Disney Television International (phew) – looks somewhat like loveable Jurassic Park star Sam Neill.

OK, so this one may not be up there with some of the Diary’s classics, but there are some uncanny parallels between the men’s lives. Hardie, for instance, works for a television company; Neill owns a television, probably. And Neill likes Mickey Mouse cartoons. Er… start the car. (PS. There’s no prize really).


ITC approves ‘occult’ advertising

Marketing Week

Broadcasters, advertisers and agencies have called for the advertising of “occult” services, such as horoscope readers and clairvoyants, to be allowed to appear on television. Responses to the Independent Television Commission’s consultation on its advertising standards code argue that the services should be allowed as they can be regulated through existing standards covering misleading advertising […]

Coors Brewers adds to its UK brand portfolio

Marketing Week

Coors Brewers, the UK arm of the US drinks giant, is to launch a range of products in the next few weeks as it continues the integration of the Bass business it bought from Interbrew for £1.2bn in February. The additions include two flavoured alcoholic beverage ranges and a further extension to the core Carling […]

Now here are the hard facts

Marketing Week

As a member of the Freedom of Information for Children Programme, run by the World Federation of Advertisers, I would like to respond to the article “For the sake of adults, stop advertising to kids” MW May 16. Sean Brierley clearly has not done his homework. The facts concerning advertising to children show that: Children […]


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