Mattessons unveil new “primal urge” themed ad

Meat snacks brand Mattessons is launching a new television advertising campaign for its Fridge Raiders variant, which focuses on the “primal urge” of young men.

The commercial will be part of an overall marketing campaign for the Mattessons brand and targets a teen audience.

It is titled ’Urban Hunters’ and features a host of free runners jumping over buildings and surfaces in the modern jungle using their primal instincts to hunt for Fridge Raiders.

Mattessons, which is owned by Kerry Foods, claims the advert is “based around the ’primal urge’ to eat meat and hunt and emphasises the big flavour and taste of Fridge Raiders and how they combine to fully satisfy your hunger.”

Derek Williamson, marketing director at Kerry Foods, says: “The Fridge Raiders TV advert is the first manifestation of the brand since the logo and packaging upgrade which was introduced at the beginning of the February.”

“We are really excited about the launch of the new ’Urban Hunters’ advertising campaign, it brings the Mattessons brand to life and we are very confident it will have great appeal across our target audience.”

Quiet Storm created the new Mattessons advertising. It will break later this month.


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