Matthew Clark to axe Gaymer’s from pubs

Matthew Clark Taunton is dropping Gaymer’s Olde English Cider from pubs and bars, replacing it with its recently relaunched Dry Blackthorn brand.

Gaymer’s Olde English will be sold only through supermarkets and off-licences, and its marketing budget channelled into trade support.

The brand was previously supported by heavyweight TV advertising, but this is being diverted into Dry Blackthorn.

Matthew Clark marketing director Mike Ader says: “We are backing the one horse, Dry Blackthorn. It is three times the size of Gaymer’s, which we are phasing out in the on-trade. We want a single proposition.”

Ader claims Gaymer’s is as strong in sales through supermarkets as rival HP Bulmer’s Strongbow. He believes the brand appeals to younger drinkers, while Gaymer’s is more traditional.

Separately, Bulmer has restructured its marketing department. Previously there were two marketing director’s posts – Mark Doorbar in charge of mainstream brands and Julian Todd, heading premium brands. Under the new structure, Doorbar will be consumer marketing director and Todd becomes marketing services director in charge of planning and market research.


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