Maurice Saatchi issues writ against plc

Maurice Saatchi has fuelled the legal battle with his former employers by issuing a writ alleging breach of contract.

The former Saatchi & Saatchi chairman alleges that the plc “unlawfully terminated” his service contract on or about December 16 and misrepresented itself when the service contract was negotiated in June 1994. It is his response to a writ issued by the plc last week alleging that he had “solicited” Bill Muirhead, David Kershaw and Jeremy Sinclair to quit the company and join him in his new venture last week.

Meanwhile, Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising has appointed Marilyn Baxter to the new position of vice chairman and head of client services in London. Dubbed “Bill Muirhead’s brains” when she was previously at the agency in 1992, Baxter’s appointment underlines the importance of client relations.

Linda Graham will also be joining the agency as marketing director with responsibility for new business development. Graham is working for the Saatchi group in the Far East. But the search for other senior practitioners to replace those who have left the London agency in the past fortnight is continuing.


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