Maurice tells of his letters from the Gods

The Diary has decided to share some of the more revealing quotes from Maurice Saatchi’s confessional, sorry, lecture to the D&AD. “I am one who has never known the flash of inspiration, the touch of genius, the gift from the Gods,” he said, before associating himself with Picasso and Martin Luther King, among others. “I am not a real person. I am a made-up person. Because what Saatchi stands for is an acronym – a priceless piece of knowledge which the Gods spelled out for us in our name, letter by letter.” The Diary wants to hear from those with their own versions of what “Saatchi” stands for.


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Marketing Week

The Diary can’t help feeling a touch sorry for Matthew Foster, senior account manager at JWT Manchester. He turned up at a model casting session for the latest executions for The Manchester Evening News and was probably more than a little chuffed when the photographer rejected all the models and opted to use Foster instead. […]

Iceland ads show shift in brand image

Marketing Week

Iceland is likely to drop its “Mum’s gone to Iceland” advertising slogan in a new strategic advertising campaign which breaks this autumn. The campaign, through WCRS, will encourage occasional shoppers to increase the number of visits they make to the chain’s stores. The chain will move away from its focus on price and launch a […]

Warner Brothers goes on a hyped crusade

Marketing Week

US estimates suggest Warner Brothers will have used almost $60m of media exposure from Warner and its promotional partners to support the release of Batman Forever. The company has used the movie’s release to relaunch – in effect – the Batman brand. The second movie, Batman Returns directed by Tim Burton, was deemed too dark […]


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