Maximuscle launches female sports nutrition brand

Sports nutrition company Maximuscle is launching its female brand, Maxitone, with a campaign that includes the company’s first ever television advertising.

The ‘Whatever Your Ambition’ campaign has been created by The Minimart, and will see the Maxitone brand ad airing on Channel 4 Digital, Five Digital, IDS, ITV Digital and Sky Media.

The ad focuses on ambition as a motivating force and follows three women as they go about their exercise routines. Each of them has different fitness goals, which are displayed via voiceovers and relevant icons that communicate their thoughts and ambitions. Whilst their body goals differ the connecting concept is that Maxitone, along with regular exercise and a healthy diet, can help them achieve their ambitions.

The new range is designed specifically for women to support weight loss, body toning and help them maintain a healthy body alongside their exercise and healthy eating programme.

Supporting activity takes in TV, gym posters and lifestyle press. Total Media is handling media.

Maximuscle marketing director, James O’Shea says “Maxitone is an exciting launch for us as there aren’t really any other products on the market that help active women optimise their exercise and training routines. This is a real statement of intent for Maxitone and we are very much looking forward to building the campaign and brand in the coming months”.

Tim Clyde, director of The Minimart, add: “Most people exercise for a reason and this is more interesting than the exercise itself, so we created 3D titles within the filmed environments to reflect the ambitions of the girls training.”

Maxitone was created by Maximuscle to help diversify the brand and appeal to a wider audience. Maximuscle products target professional athletes and everyday gym goers and are designed to help them tone up, increase their energy, lose weight and improve their fitness.

The sports nutrition market is forecast to continue to grow at 20% per annum and Maximuscle’s market share is estimated at 32%.



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