…may lead to the true heart of a destination and brand

Aligning a destination and a brand in a promotional campaign is another way for a destination to position itself and showcase what it has to offer. As the feature pointed out, all too often a destination is pigeonholed and it is hard change that perception.

The promotions industry is always on the hunt for new and innovative prizes for campaigns and the past year has seen a rise in the number of holidays and experiences being offered, both at home and abroad. This has turned up the heat on travel and prize suppliers to go and find destinations that offer something different and exciting that will capture the attention of consumers, giving a promotion the ‘wow’ factor, by offering a ‘once-ina- lifetime’ experience or holiday.

PG Tips ran a campaign offering a family holiday to Kenya, but instead of the usual safaris and beach combination, it added a visit to the tea-producing town of Jericho with an insider’s view of the PG Tips plantation. By linking Kenya, the brand and the tea itself, the prize showed another side to this destination, its ‘real’ heart, culture, people and origins.

Justine Clement, managing director, Unmissable


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