Mayor on warpath over freesheets litter

London Mayor Ken Livingstone has hit out at Associated Newspapers and News International for their “pitiful” efforts to clean up the waste caused by their afternoon freesheets. He made the comment in his monthly question time.

The Major was responding to questions about whether the newspaper groups’ strategy to buy and manage recycling bins had gone far enough to counter the problem.

Livingstone says: “The paucity of recycling bins for freesheets across London is as much a reflection on the poor implementation of the legislation by local authorities, including Westminster, as it is a pitiful contribution by the publishers.”

Ian Clark, managing director of thelondonpaper, hit back at the Major saying this “is not reflective of what he has spoken to us about in the past”.

Both London Lite, which is owned by Associated, and News International-owned thelondonpaper reached a voluntary agreement with Westminster council to each buy and manage 32 recycling bins in the West End of London in August.


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