Mazda Motors UK promotes sales director

Mazda Motors UK has promoted sales director Rob Lindley to managing director following the promotion of Philip Waring to vice-president of sales for Mazda Motors Europe. Marketing director Jeremy Thomson replaces Lindley as sales director in the UK and Mark Cameron becomes marketing director.


Nerds won’t fail you, online retailers

Marketing Week

Whoever it was that claimed the geeks would inherit the Earth obviously had a premonition about Bill Gates. But if any proof was needed that socially awkward Star Trek fanatics cannot be ignored, television channel Sci Fi has released a survey showing how potentially valuable nerds are to marketers. The Sci Fi Geekforce Report shows […]

Advertising rate hike expected when Olympics come to London

Marketing Week

Brands should prepare for media inflation when the Olympics come to London in 2012, according to a leading media executive. Ian Clarke, partner at Starcom Europe, Middle East and Africa, has analysed the last Olympics in Athens and he finds that there was an average increase in price of 30 per cent across all media […]

Marketing to look down on

Marketing Week

Is floor advertising the answer to increasingly cluttered shopping environments? Some doubt its worth, but there are already many success stories when used imaginatively, says David Benady


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