Mazda zooms in on customer relationships

Mazda Europe is undertaking a company-wide customer relationship management initiative that will see it tackling data quality as part of a migration into a new CRM application.


Customer records will be consolidated and cleaned in real-time and as part of an ongoing commitment to data quality.

“Relevant and correct data delivers a sustainable information base and much value for Mazda,” says Carole Pierrot, team leader, central CRM services at Mazda Europe. “Based on this high-level goal for our data quality, we are able to better control our customer relationship management activity and achieve optimal results. This helps us meet our customers’ specific and unique demands, boost customer loyalty and increase our success in the European market.”

The car manufacturer had developed an application to streamline the capture and sharing of customer data across Europe. This data will flow into the new CRM system, but is already being reviewed, cleansed and corrected using a commercial software solution. Data quality will ultimately be integrated into an operational process to ensure it meets strict requirements.


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