MBA steaks its claim with taste of Country

Though not wishing to spoil the surprise for marketers at Big Steak Pubs, we can exclusively reveal a glimpse of the presentation by one of the agencies involved. MBA has been scouring the streets of London’s Soho for possible advertising stars. Two willing candidates were the boys from the tea shop across the road from the MBA office, who were captured on video singing a “Big Steak – make no mistake” jingle to the tune of Sixties Western series Bonanza.

If MBA wins the account it should beware – the boys will expect royalties.


…as it gains the Wales Tourist Board

Marketing Week

The Wales Tourist Board has followed Jennifer Laing into Saatchi & Saatchi bringing its 2.5m account with it. The Board was reviewing its account at the Laing Henry agency when Cordiant bought the company for 1.

Internet ‘fails to attract’ youngsters

Marketing Week

Less than one per cent of five to 19-year-olds are using the Internet, according to new research which shows that use of on-line interactive media is well below expectations. However, off-line interactive media – notably CD-Rom and PC-based applications – are heavily used by this age group and now account for 20 per cent of […]

Television Watch

Marketing Week

Airtime costs are rising, and advertisers are worried they are not getting value for money, as viewers are increasingly drawn to satellite and cable