McCain launches £8m campaign as it looks to ‘reframe teatime’ for UK families

McCain is to launch an £8m marketing campaign that focuses on the real-life experiences of British families, as it looks to ‘reframe teatime’ and set itself apart from competitors.

From 6 April, McCain will roll out its TV spot which features ten real families in their private homes across the UK.

In a bid to capture the ‘realness’ of the average family teatime, the campaign will highlight genuine moments in the families’ lives showing their kids roller-skating around the kitchen and dogs having a seat at the table, while they consume the brand’s frozen chip product.

Mark Hodge, marketing director for McCain told Marketing Week: “This campaign is all about the teatime occasion because in this day and age life is rushed and hectic, so people don’t really notice the great stuff that happens in that occasion.”

“Teatime is our heartland, since the launch of modern chips its where the majority of our food is consumed. We want people to feel good about those occasions and to feel good about the brand.”

Hodge says that it is important for the brand to create relevancy and believability for their consumers by using real families in its campaign, as it sets the brand apart from its competitors.

The core goals for the campaign are to increase perception and sales for the brand but also to create a deeper understanding of the brand for consumers, which Hodge says is distinctive compared to rivals.

“More than any other brand we understand the teatime occasion and we want to show that authentically. What a lot of food brands get wrong is try and create a reality that consumers see as fake. People are looking for authenticity.

McCain’s TV ad will be accompanied by outdoor and in-store ads as well as social media action. In addition, a competition will be launched a few weeks after the campaign to give consumers the opportunity to win a teatime date with a celebrity.



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