McCain to launch ‘deli’ snack range

McCain Foods is gearing up for the launch of a major sub-brand aimed at moving the frozen-food brand into the upmarket convenience and eating-out sector.

McCain Deli-Select, which is due to be launched at the end of this year, is a range of premium delicatessen-style hot sandwiches. It is understood that it will be supported by part of the brand’s &£15m advertising budget.

The branded range will be launched by McCain’s foodservice arm, which supplies products to pubs and canteens, but it is expected that the brand will be extended into convenience stores if it proves successful.

The food company is understood to hope that the range will build brand awareness among younger, more upmarket consumers. It also hopes to attract consumers who are avoiding eating fast food when they are out due to concerns about obesity.

McCain head of communications Simon Eyles says: “McCain is developing a specialist range of hot sandwiches. The new products are a convenience-based solution that will help our customers take advantage of the growing consumer interest in light meals and more informal snacking.”

McCain is keen to develop new products in an attempt to offer more variety to consumers. Last year, it launched a range of desserts (MW September 16, 2004).


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